Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Country Club Flooding

This is a water damage that we did at a local country club in Columbia. This particular damage was caused by a toilet overflowing in the men's bathroom which a... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

This flooded storage room was the result of a broken water heater. Notice the extent of the water damage. SERVPRO was called into extract the water from the flo... READ MORE

Mold in a commercial warehouse

This restroom in a commercial factory had mold to begin to grow on the base of the wall. SERVPRO was called to evaluate the job and remediate the problem. W... READ MORE

Flooded retail store in Taylorsville, MS

This flooded commercial building in Taylorsville, MS was the result of a frozen broken pipe inside the wall. This occurred during a freeze event that affected ... READ MORE

Fire in a laundry facility

This laundry facility in Columbia, MS was the result of a clothes dryer catching on fire. SERVPRO was called in to help restore this facilty quickly because it... READ MORE

Heavily stained carpets in Collins

The carpets in this commercial building were heavily soiled and stained from years of wear and use. The manager said the flooring had not been cleaned in sever... READ MORE

Wet insulation in hotel attic

The flooded hotel attic was the result of a frozen sprinkler head that had burst during a winter freeze event. This resulted in a water loss that covered thr... READ MORE